Getting Started at Sanguine Dreams

trioEven if you’ve never experienced a role-playing game before, the concept is fairly straightforward – in much the same way theatre and movie actors pretend to be other people for a time, players detail how their characters act, what they say, and how they move. Sanguine Dreams is a live-action role-playing game that meets every Sunday night at SSU’s Ives hall to create improvisational drama, with thirty independent players all contributing to the greater story, much like a murder mystery party that continues from week to week!

Our setting is based off of White Wolf’s Vampire: the Masquerade world, where supernatural creatures vie for political power and influence over their surroundings. Everything you need to play can be found on this website, particularly on the Downloads page, where we’ve tried to make available as many documents as possible!

We know the idea of dressing up and pretending to be someone else can sound daunting at first, but in reality all it takes to succeed is the desire to jump in and the willingness to contribute to the story. We have an active Message Board where players and Storytellers come together for discussions during the week, and even interact in-character. It’s a fantastic resource for new players, and we highly encourage you to sign up!

For those who want to jump ahead to the crunchy mechanics of character creation, particularly those coming from other Vampire games, below we have the basics. Everything is explained in much more detail in our New Player Packet and rule guidebook, both available on our Downloads page.

100_2361In our Camarilla-based game, we focus on court politics and the social drama inherent in the Vampire setting – while there may be the threat of violence between characters, we try to keep the challenges thrown to a minimum so we can focus on the role-play; an important aspect of our game to consider when creating a character concept.

Our game follows the standard 7/5/3 breakdown for traits, 5 free Ability dots, and 5 free Backgrounds, though we have doubled the point cost for Generation. We use descending trait caps, traits purchased with XP cost 2 each, and make full use of the 10-point (table-top) morality scale. A full list of Traits, Abilities, Backgrounds, Merits, Flaws, and other character attributes are available in our rules guidebook. The particulars of our Status system are also detailed, as are particular costs required to play a non-standard Camarilla Clan.

blackout_1All characters receive a bonus 20xp for use before they enter play, with an additional 10 available if a player submits a complete background and character questionnaire. Before a character will be approved it must be reviewed by the Storytellers. Some powers, Merits, or particular background details may require additional explanation before they can be permitted, so we encourage players work with the Storytellers to make sure their concepts and character sheets are ready for play before submission.