Helping create the rich and expansive world the game’s characters interact in, it is the goal of each Storyteller to make the World of Darkness setting come alive. By portraying NPCs, running long-term plot lines, and helping players get involved, they help facilitate the collaborative game environment we all enjoy, where every week brings new successes and struggles.

More than anything their job is to provide internal consistency and continuity, ensuring that the setting makes sense, even as alien as it may be from our real-life experiences. It should be their purpose to ensure the players are the stars of the show, not NPCs of their own design.

Their second job is to manage the game as a whole, whether it be to adjudicate rules, run scenes for players, resolve out-of-character conflicts, or provide a positive learning experience for all involved. Storytellers interact with players both new and old, helping to make sure that the players are enjoying both the in- and out-of-character experience. Not every player sees the game in the same way or plays with the same aim in mind, and it is the Storyteller team’s responsibility to provide the greatest fun for the greatest number of players, without sacrificing the core conceits of either the world or game community as a whole.

Over the years many people have stepped into the role of Storyteller, and the game’s present success is due in no small part to the tireless efforts they have put in, the many hours and nights spent planning, teaching, writing, and managing this rich gaming experience.

Our Storytellers

  • Tony Valero (Outside World) – when it comes to NPCs from outside of Sonoma County or world-shaping plot lines, Tony handles both the big and the small, the omnipresent and the just-passing-through. Whenever a character wants to contact a foreign Domain, they should speak with Tony.
  • Brandon Lake (Sonoma County Plots) – taking the helm when it comes to all things local, Brandon manages most of the plots and NPCs related to stories centered around the immediate Domain. Whether it’s kindred just looking for a night of adventure or interacting with strange bumps in the night, Brandon is sure to give them something to see.
  • Sarah Sudol (Paperwork) – without Sarah we quite literally wouldn’t have a game. Sarah keeps meticulous records of our game’s attendance, XP expenditures, character sheets, and all other aspects of paperwork. Though her work is largely in the background, every player owes a great deal of thanks to her tireless efforts.


  • John Weld (Interpersonals) – reading into limited character backgrounds and devising customized stories, John is a master of encouraging characters to step out of their comfort zone, explore the World of Darkness, and really learn what life is like outside of gather. If ever you find yourself with “nothing to do,” talk with John – you’ll like what he has in store.