We want to make sure our players have access to every resource they need to succeed in Sanguine Dreams, including blank character sheets, prompts for writing backgrounds, our rule books, and other supplements. A lot of effort has gone into creating these guides, and the Storytellers are always open to suggestions about what can be done to improve the guides.

Forms and Turn-Ins

  • Blank Character Sheet – the easiest place to find the full list of Traits, Abilities, Backgrounds, and other aspects of creating a new character. Make sure to turn it in to Sarah once you’ve filled it out!
  • Character Questionnaire – a great way to dive into the history and mentality of your character, by filling out this simple question sheet you also earn XP!
  • New Character Packet (coming soon) – the quick and easy guide for creating a character, including the entire mechanical process as well as things to think about when coming up with a history and personality

Rules Packets and Setting Write-Ups

While we greatly appreciate White Wolf’s hard work in coming up with the World of Darkness setting and rule-set over twenty years ago, Sanguine Dreams found that many changes and clarifications were necessary to facilitate longer chronicles and frequent game sessions. Without any intention to violate copyright or intellectual property laws, here are the setting and rule guides developed for use in our game:

  • Sanguine Dreams – this guide contains a wide-angle breakdown of the setting in which we play, a full write-up of every rule and mechanic available to players, and a great deal of information about how to make the most of your time at vampire. It is the definitive guide for playing at Sanguine Dreams
  • Mortal Manipulations (major update coming soon!) – within the greater game of Vampire: the Masquerade is the cat-and-mouse struggle to control the mortal population. This packet outlines all of the rules for using the Influences Background, and other mechanics which interact thereby
  • Crimson Terrors (coming soon!) – The Disciplines of Thaumaturgy and Necromancy contain some of the most complex powers in the game, and as such deserve their own volume. This guide also covers the enigmatic practices of Clans Tremere and Giovanni
  • The World Uncovered (coming eventually) – there is a far broader world than just Sonoma County. This packet gives overviews of the political and social atmospheres in some of the world’s most popular regions and cities. A great resource for characters having come from afar!