Photo Galleries

In the long history of Sanguine Dreams we have held many special events which drew the attention of players from across Northern California. Here are a few select shots from some of our favorite games, the stories from which we still share fondly. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to a larger photo gallery!

Sanguine Dreams at Di Rosa

Our game was honored to be invited to play an epic, three-night game at the expansive Di Rosa estate and art gallery as part of a “living art show” exploring an alternative history for the structure. More than one-hundred actors, players, and guests attended the monumental event, which was captured on video for a piece shown at the prestigious SF MoMA in late 2014.

If we are able to procure the right to distribute the final product we’ll be certain to host it here on our website! For now, enjoy the vast array of pictures from those nights.

A Sanguine Masquerade

In September of 2012 we hosted a fantastic in-character costume ball filled with dancing, music, and exotic art from local creators. A huge thank you to the Made Local Marketplace who allowed us to bring their space to life, to fill it with the stories and politics of out game. The evening was filled with mystery, as nobody was quite sure with whom they were speaking.

Big thanks to Adriann and Barber who were instrumental in not just arranging the out-of-game logistics but also the in-character events that made this night really pop!

A Time for Celebration

In order to commemorate the anniversary of Prince Sylvia Marcos’ rise to the throne a large extravaganza was held, bringing characters from all across the Bay Area to visit, including distinguished guests from Camarilla Domains and questionable visitors from the Anarch Movement. A fantastic time was had by all as we rented out and made fantastic use of the Petaluma Veteran’s Hall for the spectacle.

In fact many of the fine props and decorations we use today were created specifically for this event!