The Domain of Sonoma County

A vibrant force of kindred politics since its inception in the mid-19th century, peace has largely prevailed through the many years of local habitation. As with any Domain tempers have flared and political upsets have taken place, but Sonoma County remains almost as stable as its neighbors throughout the Bay Area.

As the center of our game, Sonoma County has much to offer an enterprising kindred, if they are able to brave the political and social rapids which have felled so many before them. It is a Domain with a rich history, much of which has been shaped by the kindred who still remain among its most visible citizens. Many important locations are regularly attended by local kindred, and are worth checking out.

Status changes with the wag of a tongue and the flick of a wrist; find out who’s on top with the Who’s Who list.

Clan Brujah

Clan Gangrel

Clan Malkavian

Clan Nosferatu

Clan Toreador

Clan Tremere

Clan Ventrue

  • Benjamin Torino
  • Brian Savoy (Primogen)
  • Kira Yamamoto
  • Julian Carver (Whip)
  • Madeline Carver


  • Lane – Caitiff
  • Lisette Tolbert – Follower of Set
  • Vivian Clark – Follower of Set

The Noble Absent

Not every kindred stays active and in the thick of night-to-night politics. Some move on, some take a break, and some fade into the background, only to emerge victorious later. Here are some of the more prominent members of the Domain who have come and “gone.”

  • Antonio Francisco – Gangrel
  • CH Cavendish – Ventrue
  • Janice Pack – Toreador
  • Jordan – Unknown
  • Mother Phoebe – Malkavian
  • Regan – Malkavian
  • Rose – Malkavian
  • Rust – Brujah
  • Tony Vega – Brujah