The Current Chronicle

Sonoma County has ever been a fertile valley facilitating the expansion of the whole of Northern California, its timber helping build San Francisco, San Rafael, and even San Jose. For more than one hundred and fifty years kindred have lived among its rolling hills and sprawling vineyards, helping mold the area into the busy World of Darkness metropolis it has become today.

In that time there have been many large and imposing figures that have made this area their home, with varying degrees of political success over time. Currently the Domain is expecting a large influx of new kindred, hungry mouths competing for the success that so many others have worked hard for.

This page will detail both the pre-game history and notable shifts of power developed through the length of the chronicle.

The Life and Times of Sonoma County’s Kindred

Domain Origins

  • 1850s – A Brujah exploring the California coast named Jaan Otto Vijgen comes to Sonoma County and finds a pair of Gangrel, Mikael Petrov and his childe Miguel. The groundwork for a functional Camarilla Domain was laid when the Tremere Roger Marque arrives soon after. Mikael is named Prince and the rest Primogen of their respective Clans.
  • 1890s – CH Cavendish, the Domain’s first Ventrue, arrives and becomes Primogen. Jaan embraces William Chambers and the ground is broken on what would eventually become St. Augustine’s Cathedral in Petaluma.

Early 20th Century

  • 1907 – Alceste Corbeau arrives from San Francisco and becomes Toreador Primogen.
  • 1910 – Martin Becket, another Toreador, arrives at the same time as several Tremere, including Raniero Spada.
  • 1920 – St. Augustine’s Cathedral is completed. Declared a safe haven, Alceste becomes the Domain’s first Keeper of Elysium, handing Martin the Primogency.
  • 1923 – Jaan kills Mikael over an unknown dispute, causing CH Cavendish to ascend the throne. Jaan becomes his Sheriff.
  • 1938 – Todd Wentworth arrives and becomes Ventrue Primogen.
  • 1941 – Jaan’s ship sinks in the North Atlantic as he races home to protect his familial estate from occupation. His childe William becomes Sheriff.
  • 1955 – Alceste is killed by a brutal Sabbat attack, causing Prince Cavendish to name Martin Becket as Keeper of Elysium. Antonio Barovier becomes Primogen. William and other Brujah chase after the Sabbat and are never seen again.

Other Memorable Arrivals

  • 1966 – Janice Pack arrives and is appointed the Domain’s first Seneschal. Two Brujah, Sophie Summers and Ren Kincaid, arrive within weeks of each other, Sophie becoming the Clan’s Primogen.
  • 1970 – Ezekiel and Ezra Spengler, Gangrel brothers, arrive.
  • 1972 – Vivian Clark, the Domain’s first Follower of Set, arrives.
  • 1973 – The presence of Morgan Slater, a Nosferatu, is announced to the populace.

Political Shifts

  • 1980 – Todd Wentworth departs.
  • 1983 – Morgan becomes Sheriff of the Domain.
  • 1984 – Gerard Clement arrives, the Domain’s first Malkavian, and becomes Primogen
  • 1985 – Roger Marque departs, leaving Primogency in the hands of the newly-arrived Ashe Sinclair. Two more Malkavians arrive, Regan and Rose, the latter taking position as Clan Whip.
  • 1989 – Icarus Drake arrives and quickly supplants Ashe as Tremere Primogen.

Recent History

  • 1990 – A new member of Clan Toreador arrives, named Joshua Labelle.
  • 1991 – Sophie Summers becomes Sheriff over Morgan Slater, causing Domain drama. She leaves the Primogency in the hands of recently-arrived Saint Jimmy Way. Shortly thereafter Joshua Labelle is made leader of the Harpies.
  • 1994 – Miguel, the long-standing Gangrel Primogen, leaves for one of his “walk abouts,” failing to name a Whip or the date of his planned return.
  • 1995 – Start of Game

In-Play Politics

  • June 1995 – The Seneschal Janice Pack goes missing and is reported slain, causing fingers to point everywhere.
  • September 1995 – Malkavian Primogen Gerard Clement seizes Praxis, ousting CH Cavendish with overwhelming support of the populace, insinuating that Cavendish had his own officers murdered.
  • January 1996 – Joshua Labelle is named Keeper of Elysium with Ren Kincaid becoming Harpy.
  • April 1996 – Ren Kincaid is removed from the position of Harpy due to perceived political bias, the long-standing Nosferatu Primogen Webster assuming the role instead.