The Greater Bay Area

Northern California has been a hotbed of kindred activity ever since the swarms of hopeful miners and panners found their way to its welcoming shores in the nineteenth century. In the past hundred and fifty years things have stabilized with powerful Princes holding dominion over large counties rather than individual cities.

The four six most powerful Domains are detailed on their own pages, linked below, but there are other areas of interest of which wise kindred would be well-advised keep mindful.

Sonoma County | San Rafael | San Francisco | San Jose | Oakland | Sacramento


Quietly encompassing most of the Contra Costa valley, the Domain of Prince Helen Carmine has grown far larger than the bounds of the city for which it was named. She has built an empire of industry and transportation second only to Oakland itself. While the Diablo Valley is a decadent region with commerce, universities, and an affluent populace, the Western county is a hub for factories and refineries, freeways and train tracks, where crime, pollution, poverty, and corruption consume everything. In the untamed wilds of Mount Diablo and the hills that separate the county from the rest of the Bay Area there abound rumors of strange creatures and impossible sights; most kindred are well-cautioned to stay far away from those places.

Carmine has styled herself very much in the same manner as Margaret, though she is fiercely independent and has occasionally quarreled with the Princess and refuses to be ruled from the South Bay. Unlike Margaret, Helen is not universally loved by her populace; in fact her Domain has suffered several episodes of unrest and failed attempts at praxis seizure. Like Sylas she has no Elders to contend with in her sprawling Domain, just a cadre of Followers of Set who have long entrenched themselves in Antioch. This arrangement has come in handy when the Sabbat creep in from the Central Valley, both sides banding together to strike at a common foe.

Napa County

The small population of the Napa Valley can only support a handful of kindred; far too much of the land is devoted to vineyards and other agriculture. While the Giovanni enjoy the ebb and flow of tourism, guests of the kindred persuasion often find their stay in the valley a brief one. Vincenzo is the eldest of the Giovanni line, and it is believed that all other Giovanni in Napa are directly descended from him through his three childer: Francesca, Leonardo, and Raphael. Like most of the other major players in the region, Vincenzo and his brood came to Napa during the Gold Rush.

Being hardly geographically removed from their Camarilla neighbors, interactions became strained between the residents of Napa and San Rafael after an altercation that has been wiped from the history books. So severe was the stress that Prince Gutierrez issued a proclamation that no Giovanni was to be welcome within his borders for one hundred years. Though the century ended before the noteworthy Prince was slain, it was not until Prince Edward Cameron cemented his hold on the throne that talks between the two Domains resumed.

Solano County

The cities of Vallejo, Benecia, Vacaville, and Fairfield are all under contention between the dwindling Camarilla courts and the rampant Anarchy that calls to so many young kindred in the area. Though violence has been at a minimum for several years, some say it’s only a matter of time before it gets bloody again. This area is too far from both Oakland and Sacramento to bend to the will of either, and as such neither is willing to be bothered by the internal squabbles of the county, so long as the status quo remains in its uncomfortably permanent state of unrest.

Though the Camarilla’s hold on this territory is weaker than ever, Prince Trish Crow has maintained her Court in Fairfield for over forty years and has been able to stabilize her Brujah brothers and sisters among both the Camarilla and Anarch Sects – it has primarily the other Clans that reject her rule and have caused trouble.

Like Fairfield Vallejo has been vacillating between Camarilla and Anarch majority since the late 1930s, though the Anarchs are said to outnumber the Camarilla by at least three to one, in some areas by much more. While Solano County no longer has more than one recognized Camarilla Domain, a Primogen Council acts as the sole governing body of all Camarilla politics within the city, as fractured as it may be. In reality however this Council has little sway outside of Benicia.

The Anarchs of Solano County are lead by Ryan Petty, a Brujah of some notoriety in the region after a very public “disagreement” with Prince Sylas in Oakland. Contending with the Anarchs are a large number of Giovanni as well, who see a land rife with opportunity, between the Camarilla, Anarchs, and Followers of Set.